Anusha Kulkarni

Anusha Kulkarni is an ambitious and hard-working Youth Ambassador for Akshaya Patra. Anusha has already reached her goal of $1,800! Anusha is a talented singer and has held concerts to raise money for Akshaya Patra’s school meal program. She says: “Feeding millions of children everyday seems like an impossible task, but when you break it down, and work together, it’s possible. I was able to get five Power of One($15 monthly recurring) members by writing individual handwritten letters. What is exciting for me is that all these donors are new to Akshaya Patra. I also intend to organize and perform in another music concert to raise more funds for Akshaya Patra. When I visit Hubli this summer to see my family, I want to visit the kitchen there and also the schools and know that I played a small part in this noble and heart warming cause.”