In Honor of Dr. Sudha Parasuram Iyer

Dr. Sudha Parasuram Iyer
April 5th, 1966 – October 26th, 2022

Sudha Parasuram Iyer was born in Chittur in the Indian state of Kerala. She grew up in the city of Mumbai, where she spent her school and college years. She came to the United States to attend graduate school at the age of 20. Thirteen years later, with two MS degrees and a PhD degree, Dr. Sudha Iyer returned to India and settled down in Hyderabad, having characteristically made new friends everywhere she went.

Sudha was a unique and memorable human being – borrowing from the tribute of her younger sister Kala, Sudha “had a heart that reached out to everyone she met, a mind that was constantly thirsty for knowledge and learning, an intellect that was sharp and wise, a wit that would bring smiles to one and all, vibrancy to interact with people of all ages, a charming and loving personality that endeared everyone to her and a deep spirituality which was the space of her inner mind.”

Sudha was also generous to a fault – she always gave of her time, resources, and energy to bring joy and solace to everyone in her sphere of influence. She had the rare ability to treat everyone with respect, interact without judgement, and to empathize and connect instantly with family, friends, and strangers alike, adopting the troubles of others as her own. She had a phenomenal memory, which could be relied on for recalling names, incidents, and fun times from a shared past, as well as scientific and technical details and so much more.

Messages from Friends:“The world lost a very noble soul on Oct 26th. Rest in peace, my friend.”
– Sujatha

“From one of her classmates. May Sudha’s soul rest in peace.”
– Gayatri

“To my lovely classmate Sudha – always cherish memories of us in SAHS. Rest in peace, my friend!”
– Padma

“In memory of Dr. Sudha Parasuram Iyer. This gift honors the legacy of Sudha’s legendary generosity towards anyone in need.”
– Nalini

“May Sudha’s soul rest in peace.”
– Nanda

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