Phoenix Arizona Youth Chapter

“The Akshayapatra Youth Chapter has been in operation for the last 4 years. On the 31st of Jan 2016 the youth group organized a Fundraising Walkathon at the KIwanis park between 9 AM and 11AM. A lot of planning and hard work went into making this event a success. Many different ways were used to create awareness and encourage people to sign up for the event such as flyers at stores and school bulletin boards, e-mail invites, paperless post invitations and word of mouth information.”

Shreya Yaramosu

My passion towards this goal, inspired me to seek organizations within our community that would fully match my collections. I reached out to friends and families that worked in those organizations and persuaded them to add Akshaya Patra to their corporate giving program. I presented Akshaya Patra’s cause and mission at company’s cultural events and functions and was instrumental in utilizing large gatherings to maximize the impact and awareness of the organization.

Arianne Angeli Dhar

17 year Arianne from Boston has raised $1800  this year. by doing car washes and a GoFundMe Page. “I got involved with Akshaya Patra because I really like what this organization stands for. It is a great way to make sure children go to school and stay off the streets.” All the others, please pick […]

Harsh Thomare

His main goal was to spread awareness of Akshaya Patra in our neighborhood, fundraising and encouraging people to come forward and support for this great cause. He raised funds through this initiative and Donate to Akshaya Patra. Video: