Donor Recognition – Mukund Padmanabhan

For 10 years the Guru Krupa Foundation has been supporting various charitable causes in India and The United States. Mukund Padmanabhan, the founder of the Guru Krupa Foundation explains: “One […]

Donor Recognition – Nari Narendranath

Nari Narendranath, Bay Area Chapter Chair, who has been supporting our organization for almost 20 years.   In 2003, my wife and I visited the Bengaluru ISKCON temple to attend their […]

Youth Ambassador Recognition – Ria Pia

Hello! My name is Ria Pai and I am a youth ambassador for Akshaya Patra in the Tampa chapter. I am currently a Junior in high school and I am […]

Youth Ambassador Recognition – Krish Parekh

This month, we would like to highlight Krish Parekh, a talented and ambitious 12 year old whose enthusiasm has inspired people of all ages to support our cause. In 2021, […]

Chapter Chair Recognition – Ajita Bhatt

“To make life a little better for people less fortunate than you. That’s what I think a meaningful life is.”  — Ruth Ginsberg. Ajita Bhatt is the Co-Chairman of our […]

Donor Recognition – Akshay Patel

  This donor spotlight is special.  Helly Patel honors her late father, Akshay Patel, with a heartwarming message about his dedication and passion for uplifting children from vulnerable backgrounds. Dad […]