Meet Manikanta: Our Would-be Engineer!

Have you ever wondered, how much it takes to walk miles with hope in eyes? We’re sure, we all have our own set of dreams but not everyone is born […]

Success is Yours Only if You Work for It

Sometimes, all it takes is a ‘never say never’ attitude and a strong will to achieve success in spite of various obstacles. Poverty is a challenge that can keep many […]

Riddhi – Piloting Sky-High Aspirations

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Manjunatha, Aspires to Serve The Nation of India

Very few kids aspire to serve the nation, one such brave heart is Manjunatha. He is in standard 8 from GHPS and his eyes are glimmering with high hopes, Manjunatha […]

Yasira, Our Would-Be Doctor!

Meet Yasira, studying in std 7, GHPS, Doddabettahalli. The moment she stepped out of her classroom and sat to talk with us, we found out that she is a child […]