Donor Recognition – Nari Narendranath

Nari Narendranath, Bay Area Chapter Chair, who has been supporting our organization for almost 20 years.  

In 2003, my wife and I visited the Bengaluru ISKCON temple to attend their early morning pooja.  Who knew we would be pulled in and be graced with being part of a unique movement near and dear to our hearts for years to come?  

As we sat quietly, a Swamiji (HG Sridham Krishnadasji) asked us if we had heard of Akshaya Patra.   We replied that we had not, so he spoke to us about Akshaya Patra’s mission as he led us through the mega kitchen.  We got to see machines churning out hot rotis, rice and sambhar by the ton, soon to reach thousands of eager and hungry school children.  What an incredible sight it was!  Even more impressive was the fact that the entire operation only cost a few dollars to nourish a child for a whole year!  Having experienced hunger, personally and witnessing the struggles and sacrifices our parents made to ensure that we received an education, Akshaya Patra’s unique mission of addressing hunger (Annadaana) and enabling education (Vidyadaana), instantly pulled us in.  

Since then we have continued to help light the candle in memory of our parents. So, come, join the thousands of us and help change lives and feel the joy that no money can buy!  

The Akshaya Patra Foundation USA is thankful to have supportive donors whose contributions continue to make a difference in the lives of children all across India.  Each month we will feature donors whose generosity has a tangible impact on the children of Akshaya Patra.  We are deeply grateful for their support.