Krish Parekh

Krish, born and raised in Ohio, got exposed to Indian music at an early age. He started singing Bollywood classics at the age of 4. Fast forward a little and at a tender age of 8, he found himself performing at the Dinanath Mangeshkar Hall in Mumbai, India in front of an audience of 1,000 people.

He spends only minutes learning the song but hours working on pronunciations since he doesn’t speak Hindi.  

Two things came together this year. He attended one of the AP virtual fund raiser where he saw Youth Ambassadors which inspired him. AP video by A. R. Rehman really grabbed his heart.

His young mind got ignited and started thinking of ways he could help. He decided to use his music to raise money for children. Having performed on multiple platforms in the virtual world, he conceived the concept of doing a Virtual Musical Fundraiser he calls ‘Children for Children’. He started with a goal of $1,000. Little did he know that a noble initiative picked by an 11 year old, can inspire adults too! His flyers, teaser videos and WhatsApp messages to his small group of music followers came thru for him allowing to raise his goal three times, ending up with $3,000 and counting.

Krish, when not working on his music, can be found watching and playing cricket.