Prateek Pinchi

I want to thank all of you for supporting this marvelous cause. Education is the best method for propelling both local and global awareness and development. However, education is not a possibility for everyone, mostly due to economic status. This is where Akshaya Patra comes in. Akshaya Patra, with your help, allows underprivileged children in India who wish to pursue their education but may not have the means to do so, to follow their dreams. Together, we encourage them to maximize their potentials by providing them free, nutritious, hot meals at school–meals they would generally not be able to afford–so they can focus on their studies in their path to a bright future.

I feel in these troubling times, with all the negativity out there, it is all the more important that we all keep giving back to the community by continuing our support of Akshaya Patra. By helping children better focus on their studies, we make it easier for them to progress and create developments that make the world a better place. In essence, we are all working towards a better future by supporting organizations like Akshaya Patra! Thank You!!!