Donor Recognition – Akshay Patel

  This donor spotlight is special.  Helly Patel honors her late father, Akshay Patel, with a heartwarming message about his dedication and passion for uplifting children from vulnerable backgrounds.

Dad loved to help everyone in need. He used to say, “Help everyone as much as you can, and even if you are not able to help someone, then just pray for someone else to come help that person”. He used to donate to organizations such as St. Jude Children Hospital and the American Cancer Society, even before he was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. One day, while surfing through the internet, he discovered the Akshaya Patra Foundation and was thrilled to find an organization that selflessly improved the lives of many children. He then became an avid supporter of the cause. If he was physically able, he would have loved to have volunteered for the cause. He used to tell me that if he is able to improve the life of just one child, then it would be his greatest achievement. He believed that if children were able to access nutritious food and an education, they would be able to achieve anything they put their minds to. He touched the lives of so many around him and showered pure love upon everyone he met throughout his journey. We love and miss him a lot.. I will continue to follow his legacy and help Akshaya Patra in any way I can. Daddy will be looking over us always and forever. May god bless the team at Akshaya Patra with good luck and more success.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation USA is thankful to have supportive donors whose contributions continue to make a difference in the lives of children all across India.  Each month we will feature donors whose generosity has a tangible impact on the children of Akshaya Patra.  We are deeply grateful for their support.