Sandhya Nori

“Every time I went to India to visit family, I was always so depressed at seeing the
impoverished children on the streets, unable to live their lives as I was able to. Yet my feelings
were only that. I never had any sort of initiative or thought that a single person like me could
make a change in their lives.

However, two years ago, my mother and I came across a video from Akshaya Patra, of their purpose and goal to feed more and more children. My heart warmed at seeing all of the wonderful and noble things this organization had accomplished, and when I saw the application to become a youth ambassador, I immediately filled it out.

Initially, fundraising was hard for me. I had always been pretty awkward and clumsy, and having to talk to people individually about my cause seemed like I was entering the void. The first event I fundraised at was pretty disastrous, and I did not think I could possibly reach the $1800 goal. However, as I got more used to the trigger words that caught people’s attention, events eventually became much easier to handle. While I am still awkward, I know how to talk and how to handle myself outside of the bubble that I have created for myself. I am extremely glad for this as well, for this new skill has helped me to contribute that much more to this organization by exceeding my goal and being able to feed 122 children for a whole year.

This chance to give back has given me amazing insight, and given me so much appreciation for all of the things in my life that I take for granted. It is incredibly empowering to be able to see how quickly people can come together, and what a huge difference we can make in the lives of others.”