Vijeeth Guggilla

“I find it appalling that hunger prevents millions of bright and eager children from attending school and achieving their full potential. When I first heard about Akshaya Patra, I was hooked. I wanted to become a part of this wonderful cause, and help out in every way possible. When I learned about the Youth Ambassador program, I knew it was perfect for me. Here was a way where I could help feed hungry children, and inspire others to help as well. I immediately applied to become an ambassador and was thrilled when accepted. With a goal of raising $1800 in my mind and heart, I set forth. However, raising money wasn’t the only goal I had in mind. I knew raising awareness was just as important, so that’s precisely what I did. I told people about Akshaya Patra. I sent emails to friends and family, spoke up at parties, gave speeches in extracurricular classes, informed teachers, cousins, and friends, and did whatever it took to reach my two goals. And $1834 later, I was happy. I had not only met my monetary goal, but also caused more people to learn of Akshaya Patra. Being a Youth Ambassador has been a great experience so far, and I hope to do my best as one for years to come”.