Akshaya Patra is proud to announce the Young Professionals Network!  This network is geared towards young professionals that are 22-40 years old anywhere in the United States.  These are passionate individuals that are actively supporting and working towards making this world a better place for underprivileged children and vulnerable populations in India.  Our Young Professionals are part of a diverse group of people (comedians, finance, doctors, engineers, teachers, authors, artists, philanthropists and more) that are motivated to be the voices of the millions of vulnerable people in India.  We understand young professionals are very busy with work and their personal life. Our goal is to raise awareness and increase donations in an easy and simple way, while having a lot of fun!

How do Young Professionals Contribute?

  1.   Donate: $20 feeds a child for an entire academic year!  Help us reach our premier goal of feeding 500 children: Click here to donate.
  2.   Sign Up: Join the network to participate in events and meet other young professionals! There is no time commitment to you. Sign up now.
  3.   Follow Us: Help us raise awareness by following us on social media! Don’t forget to click the like and share buttons! LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram
  4.   Shop and Donate at No Cost to You: Set up your Amazon Smile Account to donate directly to Akshaya Patra at no cost to you!
  5.   Invite your friends: Invite your friends to join the network and follow us on social media. Sign up now.
  6.   Celebrate Your Birthday: Run an online campaign for your birthday where friends and family can donate to Akshaya Patra.
  7.   Company Matching Plan: Get your company involved by matching donations!
  8.   Plan and organize awareness and fundraising events: Examples, Lunch and Learn, Local Networking Events, Walk-a-thon, Virtual Fundraisers, University Educational Events, In-Person Fundraisers. To organize an event, please contact mike@apusa.org.
  9.   Participate in networking events and activities organized by Akshaya Patra.